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Building on the transatlantic alliance

19th June 2019

It was fascinating to visit New York last week and catch up with the latest trends in treatment and healthcare for head and neck cancer patients in the US.

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My week sharing best practice with world-leading medical centers in NYC

9th June 2019

Sharing best practice is an important part of any profession – none more so than medicine.

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Nth Degree Spring Dinner raises £50,000 for Oracle Cancer trust

20th May 2019

My very grateful thanks and appreciation goes to Robert Walton MBE and his wife the renowned designer Donna Ida for organising and hosting a fabulous charity dinner last Friday that has raised in total over £50,000 for Oracle Cancer Trust.

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Major study shows positive impact of HPV vaccinations

4th April 2019

It was great to hear the news this week that there has been a dramatic drop in cervical disease following the introduction of routine HPV vaccinations 11 years ago.

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Proof that HPV is a ticking time bomb

25th March 2019

The time bomb threat from HPV has been highlighted in a recent case of tonsil cancer.

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Successful mission to Europe

15th March 2019

While politicians may be struggling to get a successful result in Europe, I am delighted to say that I’ve just met my European counterparts and was very well received.

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Let's make HPV-related cancers a thing of the past as DHSC extends vaccination to boys!

24th July 2018

Victory in the campaign for teenage boys to be given the vaccination against HPV was confirmed today by the Government.

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Wonderful news as government advisors back giving HPV jab to boys

19th July 2018

It has taken five years, but finally we've done it! The Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisations (JCVI)  announced today that it had reversed its previous opposition and was now advising the government to extend HPV vaccination to teenage boys.

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HPV victory! Fantastic news as health chiefs back giving boys the jab

18th June 2018

Hundreds of thousands of teenage boys are to be given the HPV vaccine to protect them against cancers, according to press reports at the weekend.

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HPV vaccine campaign latest: we're off!

1st June 2018

The judicial review of the government’s decision to prevent boys from receiving the same HPV vaccine that is routinely given to girls has got underway – on the grounds of sex discrimination.

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