Patient Journeys

Patient Journeys

Patients often want to know as much about their treatment as possible and patient journeys are useful to help you understand what other people in the same situation have experienced. Prof Nutting will talk to you in detail about the treatment program, the benefits, risks, and likely side effects of your treatment. Most of these are predictable, but occasionally the unexpected occurs.

Patients are provided with relevant written information about their treatment and will have plenty of opportunity to discuss this with the treating clinical team.

There is a huge amount of information about cancer and its treatment on the internet. While much of it is good, the internet is an unregulated source of information and much of that is out there is of poor quality or sometimes downright misleading!

Professor Chris Nutting - Patient Journeys

Prof Nutting recommends the Macmillan website (https://www.macmillan.org.uk/) which has some excellent sections written by leading UK oncologists (including himself).


If you would like to speak to or meet a patient who has been through a treatment similar to you and hear about their patient journeys, then Prof Nutting will try to arrange this for you. Many grateful ex-patients would be glad to help in this regard.

The mouth cancer foundation www.rdoc.org.uk is a friendly site where many patients with head and neck cancer have detailed their cancer journey.

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