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TreatmentThis section of the site is designed to demonstrate how the practice runs, and show the clinical teams used for treatment delivery for different treatment types.

Secondly many patients wish to see evidence of the success rates of treatment for different cancer types in recent years. This information is very generally difficult to access for individual clinicians, but in a record of success you will find data based on patients treated by Prof Nutting. 

These data are in the form of publications in the World cancer literature where the data presented has been subject to specialist peer review and therefore are of the highest academic quality.

A Consultative Approach

A Record of Success

Clinical Teams

Charges for consultations and common procedures*

New Consultation £300
Follow-up Consultation £245
Nasendoscopy (E2500) £240

Costs for radiotherapy and chemotherapy are very variable due to complexity, length of treatment and the cost of chemotherapy drugs. Self paying patients are advised to request a quote from the treating hospital before embarking on treatment.

*these charges are for self paying patients. Prof Nutting is recognised by all the major Private Medical Insurers, and Embassies.

"Dear Chris, A brief note to thank you and all your team at RMH very much for the loving care you gave over many months. It was appreciated by us both. No-one could have been better looked after. Best wishes"
JC London

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