In this Cancer Treatments section you will find information about the types of cancer that Professor Nutting specialises in treating. If you have already been given information about your diagnosis it may be worth reviewing some of the information here before your appointment.

Each section has been broken down into general information, common symptoms, and treatment. After reading these sections, you may have lots of questions.

Try and write these down in a list and bring it to the consultation with you, and then you are less likely to forget them at the crucial moment!

What People Say

“Thank you for all your loving kindness this year. Coming to the hospital is always challenging, scary etc…but you have made it a positive experience for me. I feel secure in your expertise and this has helped me get through tough times…”

Mrs BB China
Professor Chris Nutting - Here for you

Here for you

Prof Nutting treats both private and NHS patients, learn about the practice and Prof Nutting's clinical teams here.

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