29th Apr 2022

Happy 1st Birthday to The Royal Marsden Private Care at Cavendish Square

It is a year since The Royal Marsden Private Care in the heart of London’s Harley Street district opened its doors to patients for the first time.

I am Clinical Director of the Royal Marsden Diagnostic and Treatment Centre at Cavendish Square which offers private patients direct access to some of the world’s most experienced cancer specialists, leading edge diagnostic techniques and individualised treatment plans based on the latest innovative research.

As Europe’s largest comprehensive cancer centre, The Royal Marsden treats over 60,000 patients each year, including more private cancer patients than any other UK centre.

Home to a state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging suite offering MRI, CT, X Ray, ultrasound and mammography, Royal Marsden experts at Cavendish Square can identify and diagnose cancers faster across all the main tumour types.

A one-stop diagnostic service is offered where patients can expect to have an appointment booked following their initial enquiry, direct access to diagnostic services, same day scans and test results.

Latest advances in treatment

With an international reputation for pioneering the latest cancer treatments, The Royal Marsden is a global leader in cancer research and we specialise in individualised treatments as well as latest advances in therapies.

As a research centre we are also developing new techniques in robotics and further areas of highly focused radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The centre is also innovative in that The Royal Marsden’s integrated model means that all revenue generated by the Private Care service goes back to the NHS Foundation Trust for the benefit of all patients.

Here is a link to a video in which I talk about the private care service and current research areas in cancer treatment and care.


Happy First Birthday to The Royal Marsden Private Care service at Cavendish Square!


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