16th Aug 2017

Dance music unites to support One For The Boys

Craig David One for the Boys

The campaign group One For the Boys (OFTB), already supported by many celebrities including Hollywood star Samuel L. Jackson, has gained more high profile backing.

Singer Craig David (above) has spoken out to encourage men to get themselves checked at the first sign of a serious health problem.

And he says Dance Music is uniting in support of the campaign.

In a YouTube interview – https://youtu.be/MxZKCYpTB3s –  the top singer and songwriter says men tend to have the attitude of “pushing through” if they have a health issue, but it is important for them to get checked out as the earlier that cancer is detected, the easier it is to treat.

I have been delighted and proud to support OFTB for a number of years.

It is a fantastic charity aimed at encouraing more adolsecent boys and men to get themselves checked out rather than ignorning health warning signs.

It aims to break down the barriers and British “stiff upper lip” reserve that means some men leave it too long before going to the doctors.

Most cancers are treatable if caught early enough. With head and neck cancers such as the throat and mouth on the increase, it is even more important for adolescent boys and men to be aware of changes in their bodies.

Founded by Sofia Davis (below), the charity was born as a personal tribute from her to help a friend overcome the loss of her brother to cancer.

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