18th Dec 2019

Advances in cancer treatment showcased in London tube posters

Keywords: Radiotherapy, Treatment

Millions of commuters are being informed about an advance in radiotherapy that I helped pioneer.

Posters explaining the radiotherapy technique IMRT have appeared on London Underground stations.

It is part of a campaign by Cancer Research UK to raise awareness of new developments in treating cancer.

The poster tells how IMRT delivers a more precise and stronger dose of radiotherapy over a shorter course. The result is that patients make fewer trips to hospital and have fewer side effects.

It goes on to recount how a patient called David was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2018 and began IMRT after treatment with hormone therapy.

The IMRT was completed in a month and was finished in time for David to take his family on a Christmas holiday.

It adds: “David’s treatment wouldn’t exist without research. Right now, your donations can help us to continue to develop better and kinder treatments.”

In collaboration with The Institute of Cancer Research, I was principal investigator in a series of trials that proved the effectiveness of IMRT in reducing potentially debilitating side-effects of the radiotherapy treatment for head and neck cancers.


Most recently I am involved in a new trial DARS which aims to improve swallowing after radiotherapy.

The success of the trials with IMRT were such that the Government awarded the Radiotherapy Innovation Fund £22 million to facilitate the adoption of the technology across the NHS. The technique has also been extended to many other forms of cancer, such as prostate.

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Keywords: Radiotherapy, Treatment