16th Aug 2021

Warning not to ignore cancer signs

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The new head of the NHS has urged people not to ignore possible symptoms of cancer.

Amanda Pritchard says cancers detected at an early stage can often be treated quickly and easily.

The NHS England Chief Executive points out cancer services are now “running at full speed with new, innovative ways of working in place.”

The COVID crisis has heightened concerns about people not coming forward for medical help.

Over the past year 10% fewer people than normal have started cancer treatment in England. It is thought one of the reasons has been that people did not wish to bother health services.

When to act

I can only reinforce Ms Pritchard’s message. If anyone has experienced unusual symptoms that have persisted for three or more weeks, then they should not waste time in getting checked out.

Symptoms of throat cancer include:

  • a change in your voice, such as sounding hoarse.
  • pain when swallowing or difficulty swallowing.
  • a lump or swelling in your neck.
  • a long-lasting cough.
  • a persistent sore throat or earache.
  • in severe cases, difficulty breathing.

I can confirm that all services at the clinics where I work at The Royal Marsden Hospital and in private practice at The Harley Street Clinic are fully operational.

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Keywords: NHS