18th Dec 2015

The confusing picture on what causes cancer

Keywords: Causes of Cancer

The latest research, in what at times can be a confusing picture of what causes cancer, shows that environmental and external factors such as smoking, drinking, sun exposure and air pollution are responsible for nine in ten cancers.

This may appear to make sense – but it does not explain why children and young people get cancers when their exposure to harmful factors is of course far more limited compared with the adult population.

Nor does it explain why sometimes one member of a family suffers from a condition while other members live long and healthy lives.

The alternative theory to environmental and external factors is the “bad luck hypothesis.” This idea was supported by study earlier this year which suggested that 65 per cent of cancers were driven by random mistakes in cell division outside the person’s control and there is little someone can do to avoid the cancer-causing mutations.

Trying to put these two pieces of research together leads to only one conclusion – more research is needed!

While it is vital to discover what causes cancer because this will help us to fight it, we do know from hundreds of studies how we can reduce our risk of impaired health.

Eating a healthy diet, avoiding tobacco, drinking only in moderation and taking precautions in sex such as wearing a condom are proven factors that will reduce the risk of cancer and lead to healthier lives.

You will not only feel better, but you will also get more from life and will probably live longer!

Merry Christmas!


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Keywords: Causes of Cancer