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Professor Nutting provides medical reports and opinion in oncology (medico legal), including chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, clinical negligence claims, research and independent consultancy.

He has specialist interest in complex radiotherapy techniques, and treatment of head and neck, thyroid cancer and lung cancer patients.

He is a member of the Society of Expert Witnesses has provided written and verbal evidence in over 100 clinical negligence cases falling within his areas of expertise.

Professor Nutting regularly provides independent Consultancy advice for a number of organisations including the Department of Health, National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), pharmaceutical companies, and medical equipment manufacturers.

Address for medico legal/consultancy enquiries:

Royal Marsden Hospital
203 Fulham Road
London SW3 6JJ


Professor Chris Nutting
TMLEP Administration Office
67 Canterbury Innovation Centre, University Road, Canterbury, Kent CT2 7FG

Tel: 0203 355 9796
Email: admin@tmlep.com

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