Cyberknife is a new form of highly focused radiotherapy. The Cyberknife is a specifically designed technology, which consists of a small radiotherapy machine mounted on a robotic arm. The Cyberknife is ideally suited for treating small tumours particularly deep inside the body where traditional radiotherapy can have difficulty accurately hitting the tumour target. The robotic arm is used to track the tumour position even when it is moving due to breathing or other internal body processes. Another advantage is that most Cyberknife treatments are delivered in 3-5 days compared to standard radiotherapy, which may last several weeks

Professor Nutting was the first person to treat a patient with Cyberknife in the United Kingdom having trained in this discipline in the United States. He therefore is one of the most experienced doctors in the UK in treating patients with this new therapy.

The Royal Marsden - Cyberknife Radiotherapy

Total Health - CyberKnife - A Novel Treatment Solution

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