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What is Radiology Inbox?

Radiology Inbox is an international medical opinion service that can be accessed by patients and their consultants from anywhere in the world via a private web portal. With just a few clicks, you can access high quality radiology reporting, near instant image streaming, and cutting edge expert medical opinion from leading London-based consultants. So who is Radiology Inbox for?

Private patients/Referrers

Want a well-informed report, diagnosis or second opinion on a scan or treatment?

Upload your images and documents to Radiology Inbox and get a consultant radiologist report online. Name your preferred consultant specialist or we can advise you. Request a Second Opinion on your medical report and a leading specialist consultant will recommend your next steps.


Want an expert report and/or opinion on a patient's scan? Looking for Private Patient referrals?

Consultant radiologists: provide radiology reports on scans you receive through Radiology Inbox. A fee is earned per report.

Consultant specialists: actively increase your private referrals and cover the costs of your opinions. You provide a specialist opinion and offer treatment options to patients we send you, and you can manage your own referrals online.

Patient Consultation


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Clinical Team

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