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Patient ConsultationProf Nutting offers consultations at a number of hospitals in London. The hospitals where he consults are detailed on the clinical teams page with relevant links and contact details. Initial consultations are typically 30 minutes and include an assessment of investigations and treatment given to date, examinations including detailed head and neck assessments with endoscopy under local anaesthetic (if appropriate).

A treatment plan may be able to be finalised at this initial appointment, or in some patients more investigations may need to be completed. Follow up appointments are typically 15 minutes and occur both during the treatment course, and at regular intervals after the end of treatment.

Most cancer patients require on-going follow up for several years after treatment. In some cases follow-up arrangements can be shared with local specialist teams for patients who live overseas or at a distance from London. If you feel that your problem will need a prolonged clinic appointment, please book a double slot so that time is sufficient for your needs.

If you have other special requests such as liaising with accompanying medical staff, provision of foreign language interpreter or management of VIP security arrangements please notify the office in advance.

"Dear Chris, I thought you would be delighted to know that my recent scan shows further reduction in the tumour and so it would seem that the radiotherapy is still "working its magic"!! Long may it continue! If anything begins to happen again I’ll be back!! All the best"
JT, London

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