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Successful mission to Europe

15th March 2019

While politicians may be struggling to get a successful result in Europe, I am delighted to say that I’ve just met my European counterparts and was very well received.

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Let's make HPV-related cancers a thing of the past as DHSC extends vaccination to boys!

24th July 2018

Victory in the campaign for teenage boys to be given the vaccination against HPV was confirmed today by the Government.

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Wonderful news as government advisors back giving HPV jab to boys

19th July 2018

It has taken five years, but finally we've done it! The Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisations (JCVI)  announced today that it had reversed its previous opposition and was now advising the government to extend HPV vaccination to teenage boys.

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HPV victory! Fantastic news as health chiefs back giving boys the jab

18th June 2018

Hundreds of thousands of teenage boys are to be given the HPV vaccine to protect them against cancers, according to press reports at the weekend.

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HPV vaccine campaign latest: we're off!

1st June 2018

The judicial review of the government’s decision to prevent boys from receiving the same HPV vaccine that is routinely given to girls has got underway – on the grounds of sex discrimination.

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Appeal for funds as HPV vaccine campaigners bring legal challenge against government

8th March 2018

Campaigners for teenage boys to be offered the HPV vaccine that is routinely given to girls aged 12 to 13 by the NHS are to launch a legal challenge to the government.

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Time for gender equality on cancer vaccine

29th January 2018

The news this week that the NHS is refusing to give teenage boys an inexpensive vaccine that grants long-term protection against Britain’s fastest-growing forms of cancer on the grounds of cost underlines just how unfair the situation is.

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Why I welcome blood test cancer breakthrough

23rd January 2018

The news this week that scientists are closer to developing a universal blood test for cancer is much to be welcomed and an important breakthrough.

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Why GPs are vital in early detection

2nd January 2018

It has long been a piece of good advice to parents and the public in general to treat medical books and online medical resources with a large pinch of salt to avoid developing hypochondria with every little symptom suddenly seeming to be a sign of a potentially serious illness.

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Dance music unites to support One For The Boys

16th August 2017

The campaign group One For the Boys (OFTB), already supported by many celebrities including Hollywood star Samuel L. Jackson, has gained more high profile backing.

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