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Why I welcome calls for e-cigs to be available on the NHS

20th August 2015

Public Health England and other experts have called for electronic cigarettes to be made available on the NHS to help smokers quit tobacco.

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Check out all the photos from the OFTB Fashion Ball

10th August 2015

It isn’t everyday that I find myself in the company of stars from the world of showbiz and sport.

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Campaign to give HPV vaccination to boys gathers pace

24th July 2015

The campaign for boys to be given the vaccination against the cancer-causing human papilloma virus (HPV) gathered pace this week.

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Rethinking our routine

9th July 2015

Disruption to something we almost take for granted, such as the London Underground, can make us rethink our daily routine.

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Shocking statistic that one in four cancers only diagnosed at A&E

18th June 2015

One in four cases of cancer are only diagnosed when the victim has been admitted to Accident & Emergency Departments because of severe symptoms, a leading consultant has warned.

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Love the Glove

11th June 2015

Millions of TV viewers saw Samuel L. Jackson talk about ‘Love The Glove’ on the BBC’s Graham Norton show on Friday.

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Leading cancer specialist joins campaign for boys to have HPV vaccination

22nd April 2015

A leading cancer specialist has joined the campaign for the NHS-administered HPV vaccine to be given to boys and well as girls.

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5,000 patients join biggest study into head and neck cancers

7th April 2015

Head and Neck 5000 is the largest research study into recent improvements of cancer outcomes of patients diagnosed with head and neck cancer.

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Delivering world-class cancer treatment

11th March 2015

I was fascinated to travel to India a little over a week ago and see the great strides the country is making in its healthcare.

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