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Why GPs are vital in early detection

2nd January 2018

It has long been a piece of good advice to parents and the public in general to treat medical books and online medical resources with a large pinch of salt to avoid developing hypochondria with every little symptom suddenly seeming to be a sign of a potentially serious illness.

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Dance music unites to support One For The Boys

16th August 2017

The campaign group One For the Boys (OFTB), already supported by many celebrities including Hollywood star Samuel L. Jackson, has gained more high profile backing.

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Don't wait too long to visit the waiting room

13th June 2017

I was delighted this week to support an innovative pop-up doctors’ waiting room for the charity One For the Boys (OFTB).

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Don't exclude boys from the "cervical cancer" HPV jab

24th April 2017

A campaign to make a vaccine routinely given to teenage girls in the UK available to boys as well stepped up a gear this week when hundreds of doctors, dentists and other medical professionals took to Twitter.

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How to make cancer toast!

24th January 2017

We are all being urged to ‘go for gold’ when it comes to eating toast, chips and potatoes to avoid eating burnt food that could pose a cancer risk.

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Revolutionary new cancer treatment comes a step closer

12th December 2016

Next year marks the anniversaries of two landmark scientific and medical breakthroughs – the 50th anniversary of the world’s first heart transplant and the 20th anniversary of Dolly the Sheep, the world’s first cloned mammal.

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Compelling case to make new immunotherapy drug available now

14th October 2016

It was good news this week that a revolutionary new drug for the treatment of advanced head and neck cancer has been hailed as a “game-changer”.

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Stub it out for Stoptober

21st September 2016

The big fall in the number of smokers and the record jump in the number of people giving up – revealed in official figures by Public Health England (PHE) this week – are much to be welcomed.

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120 years after radiotherapy was invented, a revolutionary new treatment takes shape

7thth September 2016

This year marks the 120th anniversary of the first time X-rays were used to treat cancer.

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Why Brexit will damage medical research in the UK

13thth July 2016

This week the first report emerged of British researchers being discriminated against as a result of the Brexit vote.

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