Love the Glove

11th June 2015

Millions of TV viewers saw Samuel L. Jackson talk about ‘Love The Glove’ on the BBC’s Graham Norton show on Friday.

Love The Glove is a campaign to raise awareness of male cancer.

The Hollywood star spoke about how men were reluctant to come forward to get checked because they wanted to be ‘manly’ and cancer was not something they talked about.

He was shocked to discover that although women are more likely to get cancer, more men die of the disease.

It was also shocking to discover, as the organisation behind Love The Glove has done, that more than 82,000 men literally ‘died of embarrassment’ in the UK last year because they did not go to see their doctor early enough when there were signs that something was wrong.

The same goes for head and neck cancers – the earlier something is detected, the better the outcome in almost every case.    In the majority of cases the cause will be benign and can be treated quickly and relatively easily.

With today’s sophisticated equipment it is possible to make an accurate diagnosis very quickly and work out the right course of treatment in consultation with the patient.

The Love The Glove campaign is being supported by many famous people including Michael Douglas and TV presenter Phillip Schofield.

It culminates in a One For The Boys Fashion Ball at the Roundhouse in London on Friday (June 12th) to kick off London Collections: Men as part of Men’s Fashion Week with GQ.

The night will feature men walking the runway and top musical acts.

Not sure if walking the runway is my style but the event could not be more worthy of support.  Let’s make getting checked the latest fashion!

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